Visionary individuals join the President’s Club by committing $10K annually for at least 5 years, helping provide a strong foundation for your institution.

These funds are unrestricted, providing the institution optimum flexibility to fund operational and programmatic needs. (Your support can be divided into recurring donations occurring at a frequency of your choice).

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About the President's Club

The President's Club offers an opportunity for supporters to have a high profile affiliation with President Jihad Turk and Bayan Claremont. Your Contribution of $10,000 or more annually for 5 years will help Bayan Claremont move toward realizing our full vision, enabling us to

  • Attract highly competent faculty and personnel expand the range of degrees and certificates offered
  • Support students with various types of scholarships
  • Organize campus and community educational events
  • Increase library holdings and other resources for Islamic studies
  • Elevate Bayan Claremont's profile through marketing and media
  • Suitably represent the Muslim community in interfaith and civic settings

Members will enjoy these and other benefits

  • Information about major new institutional developments
  • Invitations to exclusive strategic planning gatherings
  • Private access to visiting scholars and leaders
  • Acknowledgement at events and in program materials
  • Unlimited auditing of Bayan Courses
  • Lifetime access to Bayan Online Courses/Arabic
  • Special VIP invitations for annual boat cruises with faculty and students

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